We Teach Students Ages 4 to Adults!


Tap dance teaches students rhythm & beat, while also being a ton of fun! Students at our studio begin in a tap & acrobatics combination class. We also offer a tap class for adults!

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Acrobatics focuses on strength, flexibility, and technique. Students enjoy learning to tumble while also becoming stronger! Students at our studio begin in a tap & acrobatics combination class. 



Our jazz classes build on technique & performance skills to bring your students' dancing to the next level! Soon you will see them leaping & turning across the floor! Jazz is taught starting in 2nd Grade. 



The technique learned in our ballet classes will support your student in ALL other dance styles! Ballet focuses on building strength & control, and you will be amazed at how it will transform your dancer. Ballet is taught starting in 2nd Grade. 



Hip-Hop is fun, energetic, & current! While students rock out to popular music, they will also built stamina from warm up exercises & learn even more about rhythm & beat. Hip-Hop is taught starting in 2nd Grade.


We start students new to dance two times a year.

The last week of May for our Summer Classes and the first week of September for our School Year Classes


$20 placement class is available to transfer students to help determine appropriate class.

All students must take a combo class (tap and acrobatics)

in addition to other dance subjects.